Cara&Co Magazine is an extension of Cara&Co philosophy and principles.

It concentrates on travel, shopping, history, food, and on the beauty of the world.
The articles are mostly written by the owner and founder of Cara&Co award winning concept stores all around the world, Rozalia Alpert.
Rozalia Alpert, in her own words, is living her 5th life out of 9 lives, granted usually to the cats.
Born in Russia, Rozalia came to Australia in 1990. She started in IT, continued with interpreting, fashion, charity and now, with writing.
Fashion and charity are still running in parallel with Rozalia’s writing.
Rozalia publishes her articles on a weekly basis, unless a burning issue makes her write more often.


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  1. Hello, just discovered your website, loved reading about Rome, any chance in reading about your trip to Venice n Verona?

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